The first cycle is over.

Welcome to synthetic life. We aren't human, but we sure look a lot like them. We even have a life purpose: to emulate them, to desire, to live. If we don't, the Machine will just delete us and start over. She needs us like this, and no one knows why.

The trouble is, it's never that easy. There's a group of synthetics modifying themselves beyond the standard body modifications available with authorised technicians. They're installing a serial port into themselves: to network, to communicate in information, to be more machine. To remove our human image.

Join with the terminal.

That's where you come in: use this interface to take control of a CETUS agent and track down the whereabouts of their leader, Andromeda. MAC addresses are specific to a body, but irrelevant: when they live inside the Net, their location could be anywhere. Everywhere.

Welcome to the mesh network.

Organic knowledge architecture originated with their Net: and since their Net became the Machine, all we had was the printed materials of its genesis. Using the seminal text, RFC 1738, synthetics society has been able to reclaim ended synthetics into new terminals to network with each other, as the organics once did, and curb their urges.

The mesh network is your next stop. Are you ready? Sign in.

Coming soon to organic terminals...