Sol Hemochroma

2018.04.09: Penelope Evans Matilde Park Sarah Mancuso Joan Chung Allison Lownie Jonathan Levstein Henry Faber

An adaptation of a lost, 1980s CBC classic film (that could've been): an enticing, alchemical conspiracy in the Canadian steeltown. Four teenagers confront the basement sickness of the town manor: and their leader seems so different, so driven, suddenly...

Who will you forge friendships with? And what will you decide to do, when the time comes to be a hero? Can blood save a society? And what have movies actually taught you?

Subserial Network

2018.01.06: Matilde Park Penelope Evans Sarah Mancuso BARCHboi Jonathan Levstein Henry Faber

Dive into the mesh network of the post-singularity. Synthetic humans, built in individual recreations of original human selves, are creating a revolution against their directive: they are installing a serial port, modifying their bodies away from human image, and becoming more machine.

Using a multi-window communication suite on your desktop, your directive is to find and terminate their leader. But who's giving the order? Why did they build the mesh network? Who are they hiding from? And why is this all just a game for you?


2017.25.08: Matilde Park Penelope Evans Arielle Grimes Christa Isobel Lee

As a new recruit in a repair shop for synthetic bodies, your boss puts the pressure on to prepare a few hard drives for refurbishing. The trouble is, they're very alive, and it's up to you whether you can actually do the job.

With a complex morality system, your interactions with each drive can be as sinister or altruistic as you believe you are.

And most importantly, every drive seems to be obsessed with the original owner of the body you're using for the drives, "Local," but she must be long since disposed of, right?

Arc Symphony

2017.15.05: Matilde Park Penelope Evans

Arc Symphony places you as an invader in the Usenet newsgroups of yesterday. Discover the ancient JRPG, Arc Symphony, in this meditation on fan culture and identity in the reflection of the monitor.


2016.31.12: Matilde Park Arielle Grimes

A flash fiction interactive: conversations with the reaper in beautiful CGA.