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Aether Interactive as a company was founded May 26th, 2017, but I (i.e. Sophia Park) have been creating interactives since 2015.

So why Aether? Why found a business?

Ever since Arc Symphony came out, it’s become apparent that as I progress as a developer who collaborates with others and releases increasingly intricate creations that a company would be beneficial as an opportunity not only to provide related goods (including game keys, physical merchandise, and more), but also to clarify my own mission as a game developer.

One day, it may not even be just me: Aether as collective; Aether as corporation; all futures are possible. For now, Aether is merely the brand by which I and fellow collaborators in Toronto and beyond release games related to its core values.

Welcome! Let’s create, discover, and explore.

Sophia Park
All-Purpose Gynoid, Aether Interactive