If early Twine games were defined by the works of Porpentine and Anna Anthropy, modern Twine is defined by Sophia Park and Aether Interactive. — Spencer Hayes, itch.io


Aether Interactive is a game development company in Toronto, Ontario, dedicated to creating interactives [interactives: “video games”, “interactive art and related media”] sharing its core values of deconstruction and compassion. Aether values accessibility and empathy in its creations.

Aether is the medium by which electromagnetic waves travel. Aether is how the signal breaks through noise. Aether is about deconstruction of nostalgia. Aether is about how people find themselves and each other in technology.

Aether Interactive was founded May 2017 by Sophia Park, its sole owner and all-purpose gynoid.


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sophia park
all-purpose gynoid, lead officer
penelope evans
seneschal, deputy lead officer
christa isobel lee
chief frequency technician
arielle grimes
simulacrum analyst