If early Twine games were defined by the works of Porpentine and Anna Anthropy, modern Twine is defined by Aether Interactive.
- Spencer Hayes, Itch.io

Aether Interactive is a game development company based in Toronto, Canada, founded by Matilde Park and Penelope Evans in 2017, and currently led by Matilde Park. For all inquiries, you can reach us by email.

Aether Interactive is devoted to creating interactive media and video games according to its values of deconstruction, compassion, empathy, and accessibility.


Collaborators of Aether Interactive include:

  • Henry Faber, producer (2017 - 2018)
  • Sarah Mancuso, composer (2018)
  • Jonathan Levstein, technical lead (2017 - 2018)
  • Allison Lownie, background artist (2018)
  • Joan Chung, character artist (2018)
  • Lur González García, Spanish translator (2018)
  • BARCHboi, art director (2018)
  • Christa Isobel Lee, composer and sound designer (2017)
  • Arielle Grimes, art director (2016-2017)